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    Slick Mobile Software is a provider of fun and edgy games, utilities, and entertainment applications for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. On this page you will find descriptions, feature lists, and screenshots of our currently released applications.

    (A collaboration with the Food Ingredient Health and Research Institute)

    You are what you eat.... shouldn't you know yourself?

    Welcome to NourishMent, the revolutionary food health, nutrition, and allergy ingredient tracking app!

    NourishMent allows you to set up lists of ingredients, and will then show you a warning, alert, or allergy warning based on that profile. When you scan products in the grocery store or your pantry, it will list the warning, alert, and allergy ingredients or even highlight them in the ingredient list for you!

    How do you know what to avoid? Simple! NourishMent has a list of nearly 350 ingredients along information on what they are, the risks they have, and links to relevant articles and research. Not simple enough? NourishMent also has "Quick Select Profiles" that automatically set warnings or alerts based on ingredients that may impact a number of health concerns:

    • Autism Spectrum / ADHD
    • Diabetes / Obesity
    • Heart Disease
    • Alzheimers / Dementia
    • Cancer
    • Immune Conditions

    We also have food ingredients related to the top food allergies. Don't see your allergy or have another ingredient you want to avoid? Also simple! You can add your own custom ingredients to your profile as well!

    Caution: Consult a physician or nutritionist before making dietary changes. Although NourishMent has done it's best to find accurate research and information, there is always room for error and controversy. Always double-check ingredient and allergen lists, manufacturers change ingredients over time.

    Have an child with food allergies or other food concerns?
    • Send your profile to family, teachers, or other caregivers so they know what they can or can't feed your child safely without worry!
    • Put NourishMent on your child's device, give them the freedom to pick their own foods. (Developer's 7 year old twins use it to scan foods for corn products for their corn allergy).

    NourishMent also includes:
    • An educational section to teach you about current issues and research from the Food Ingredient Health and Research Institute (FIHRI) non-profit organization.
    • A news section updated periodically with the latest food health news and research.
    • Links to information on ongoing FIHRI classes, research, and trials.
    • A huge, continually updated database of product information (provided by Factual).
    • See calories, fat, and sodium information for scanned products.
    • Ability to submit new or niche products to our product database if they are not found.

    Usage Tips:
    • Place barcodes about six inches away from the rear-facing camera for best results.
    • NourishMent requires an internet connection to scan new items.
    • Allow NourishMent to send you notifications to know when new health news items are uploaded.
    • If a product isn't found, select "Submit to Database" to help grow the product database.

    Recommended for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users who enjoy: this, that, and the other!


PushToTalk Pro
PushToTalk Pro lets you voice chat with your friends, family, coworkers, classmates, or other group instantly with your iPhone or iPod. It works like a walkie-talkie or the Push To Talk features offered on other cell phones.
For users familiar with the original PushToTalk, this version is far faster and more stable, and now supports hi-res displays and best of all, receiving messages while running in the background.

How it works:
  • Choose a group name and password and share it with your friends.
  • Choose your nickname and personal icon.
  • Press and hold the talk button, just like a walkie-talkie. When the red light on the button lights, start talking.
  • Your voice message will be sent instantly to all your friends.
Useful Features:
  • Works with a headset for use in work settings or on the road.
  • Capable of sending Push alerts for when your friend is offline.
  • "Whisper" to a single friend by selecting their name on the list of online friends.
  • Customizable tones to alert you to an incoming message.
  • Maintains a history of messages you have received in case you didn't hear something correctly.
  • Compatible with users of the original PushToTalk published by David Fletcher.
Usage Tips:
  • If you didn't hear something the first time, just hit the "Play" button. It will play the last message sent or received.
  • Pay attention to the color of your friend's names: A friend with a Green name is online (Push To Talk is the active app); Orange name means PushToTalk is running in the background; Black is offline (member will receive a push notification of sent messages).
  • A check next to a friend's name means they received your last message.
  • Must be installed on every device with which you wish to connect. Works great over a 3G or wifi connection.
  • Conserve system resources by clearing history often.

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Recommended for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users who enjoy: this, that, and the other!


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