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Slick Mobile Software: NourishMent Privacy Policy  

    NourishMent only writes data to the Health App, it does not read any data. In other words, it does not know or collect your personal or health information. Though we reserve the option to use anonymous, statistical app usage data to assist with health research or advertising, you are not and may not be identified by Slick Mobile or any of our partners. After reading this document, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at We will respond as quickly as we can.

    NourishMent Privacy Policy Details
    Q. What personal data does NourishMent have/collect?
    A. NourishMent does not have any personally identifiable data on our users. We do not access your contacts, cookies, or any other personal data, nor do we record any IP, network, or other identifiable data on our users. The only data we have is anonymous usage data. Our app includes social media integration such as the Facebook button, and we do not control how social media sites may collect or utilize data from those interactions. Facebook's privacy policy may be found here.

    Q. What about the integration with Health (version 1.1 or later)?
    A. NourishMent only WRITES food consumption data to Health. We do not request access to READ any of your health, fitness, or personal data from Health. The only data we have is your anonymous NourishMent usage data.

    Q. Is NourishMent data stored in the US only?
    A. Yes. All of our servers and data storage are US-based. Our product data provider, Factual, has their headquarters in the US but has an overseas office in China. Factual is Trust-e certified and has their own privacy policy here.

    Q. Does NourishMent share usage data with third parties? How does Slick Mobile Software LLC use usage data?
    A. Not currently, but we reserve the option to use anonymous usage data (products scanned and products marked as consumed) to further the research of the Food Ingredient and Health Research Institute (FIHRI) or other research groups. We also reserve the option to share anonymous usage data with third parties for marketing or advertising purposes. However, those third parties must sign limiting agreements ensuring they do not seek to re-identify users prior to receiving any data. Slick Mobile Software LLC may also use the anonymous usage data to improve the functionality, usability, and performance of our applications.

    Q. When does NourishMent release data?
    A. Only when subpoenaed by law enforcement officials with jurisdiction. But, as we don't have or request any personally identifiable data, that is neither likely nor of much concern. Also to third parties under limiting agreements as described above.

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