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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q. How do I get started?
    A. We recommend reading the information under "Epigenetics Info" first. Then set up your ingredient profile under "Setup Profile". Utilize our "Quick Select" profiles to automatically select ingredients that may contribute to any of the listed health concerns or allergies. Or scroll down to see the full list of nearly 350 ingredients and set the Alert, Warning, or Allergy status for each of them. Finally, you're ready to start scanning product barcodes under "Scan & Search".

    Q. How do I stop getting alerts on an ingredient?
    A. If you click the selected Alert, Warning, or Allergy button for that ingredient again, it will turn off notices for that ingredient.

    Q. Does NourishMent know about all products?
    A. We use the Factual Product database, which contains over 300,000 product ingredient lists. No database is totally complete, so we allow you to enter information about any products that aren't found to benefit the entire user community.

    Q. What allergies does NourishMent support?
    A. NourishMent had ingredient entries for the "Top 8" allergies as well as Corn and Gluten. If your allergy isn't supported by default, you can always enter your own custom ingredients.

    Q. How does profile sharing work?
    A. Once you have set up your ingredient profile, click the "Share Profile" button. This will allow you to generate a link that you paste into an email, iMessage, or Text Message that you send to other people. This has both a link to NourishMent in the App Store, and once they have NourishMent, a link to download your shared ingredient profile.

    Q. I received a notice that you want to access the Health data on my device. Can I trust you with that access? (Version 1.1 and above only)
    A. As you should see on the access request popup, NourishMent only WRITES your food consumption data to Health via the iOS HealthKit API. We do not request access to READ any data you have stored in Health. See our Privacy Policy for further details.

    PushToTalk Pro
    Q. How do I connect with my friends?
    A. Once you start PushToTalk Pro, you will be prompted to enter your nickname, a group name and group password. Send the group name and password you chose with your friends. You will be able to talk with anyone using the same group name and password.

    Q. Can I send a message to a single member of my group?
    A. Yes. If you touch one friend's name, it will be highlighted. Then, any message you send will only go to that person.

    Q. Can I send or receive messages when PushToTalk isn't running?
    A. Yes. If your friend accepted push messages from PushToTalk, they can receive a "Push Notification" even when our application isn't running. (Online friends have their name in Green, offline are Black on your friend list.)

    Q. Can I keep PushToTalk in the background and still receive messages?
    A. Yes. With PushToTalk Pro and the latest iPhone OS, you can keep PushToTalk running while doing other things on your device. (Backgrounded friends have their name in Orange on your friend list.)

    Q. I wasn't paying attention, can I replay a message I've received?
    A. Yes. Press the "Play" button to replay the last message sent or received. For older messages, press "View History" to view and play them.

    Q. I can't seem to hear the messages. What's wrong?
    A. You probably need to turn up the volume. You must adjust the volume while a message is playing for the change to be effective.

    Q. My friends say my messages get cut off. What can I do?
    A. As a good rule of thumb, don't start talking until the red record light on the "Press and hold to talk" button comes on.

    Q. How do I know if my friends got my message?
    A. When each friend receives the last message you sent, a green check sign will appear by their name.

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